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LD-81 Cement Modifier


Life Deck – Life Paint Company

1 gal = 50 lbs

LD-81 is a high solids acrylic-polymer modifier that will give increased strength, flexibility and adhesion to most cement based products. LD-81 makes the cement product more waterproof, more stain resistant and will extend its life.

Advantages when added to cement products

  • Increases strength and psi
  • Allows optimum working time
  • Allows cement products to be feathered
  • Increases adhesion to concrete surfaces
  • Helps to waterproof and increase water resistance* Water-based safety, user-friendly
  • Adds flexibility
  • Improves freeze-thaw stability
  • Non-yellowing, unlike SBRs
  • More Strength than PVA modifiers


LD-81 is primarily used as an additive to the Life Deck cement products so that they can be used to help waterproof decks, resurface and patch concrete and for a variety of exterior decorative concrete treatments. Please read the complete system information sheets on Life Deck Specialty Coatings Waterproofing and Overlay Systems if choosing to apply these systems.

  • Use with Life Deck Cementitious Systems* Patch and repair applications
  • Flooring overlayments
  • Carpet Underlayments
  • Bond Coats
  • Floor Toppings
  • Stucco Application

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Technical Data Sheet

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