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The completely redesigned grinding head of LAVINA 20G-GTX with low-friction chain gear planetary drive, combined with the highest engine power output in the industry, results in the most reliable and powerful 20-inch propane grinder on the market.

And, the perfect balance between the new frame geometry and grinding head weight delivers superior maneuverability and easy tool changes.

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Technical Data Sheet 


  • INTELLIGENT FUEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM,  which is now standard on all of our propane grinders,  is a high-performance, digital fuel control system featuring closed loop feedback, fuel lock-off capability, emissions safety warnings with shutdown, and an LCD screen for user interface. It is highly responsive to changes in the engine load, providing optimum air-to-fuel ratio regardless of operating conditions, and better fuel range.The Fuel-Minder uses closed-loop feedback from the O2 sensor to control the amount of fuel introduced to the engine via the Fuel Control Valve. This technology continuously monitors engine emissions and is capable of making fuel corrections to compensate for varying engine loads and conditions. If a faulty O2 sensor is detected, the Fuel-Minder will alert the user within 3-5 minutes from a cold-start. A message will be displayed on the LCD screen to let the user know that the O2 sensor needs to be replaced.
  • The Fuel-Minder also controls the fuel lockoff and only allows fuel to pass through if it detects the engine is cranking. Once the Fuel-Minder is powered off from the equipment key switch, the Fuel-Minder closes the fuel lockoff and shuts the engine down immediately.
  • DUST SUPRESSION FINE MISTING SYSTEM – small water droplets effectively suppress and remove breathable fugitive particles from 0.1 to 1000 microns.
  • TRULY VARIABLE SPEED ENGINE  – machine can be run between 610 and 1090 rpms, allowing for more effective grinding and improved tooling life.
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