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ECT-ESD┃Electrostatic Dissipating Epoxy


CTM Adhesives

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ECT-ESD is a high solids, two component, high-build, colored epoxy coating system. It is a performance based product engineered as a static dissipative system for concrete substrates.

It is particularly suitable for areas with requirements for a low electrostatic charge and dissipative surface. ECT-ESD provides resistance readings in the “static dissipative” range (1.0 x 106 to 1.0 x 109 ohms) as per EOS/ESD Standards.

Features & Benefits:

  • Consistent resistance measurements are obtained when tested at 10 to 500 volts.
  • Less than 15 volts Body Voltage Generation (BVG) when using conductive footwear.
  • Provides resistance readings in the static dissipative range ( as per EOS/ESD Standards
  • Maintains electrical conductivity throughout the entire thickness of the system
  • Not dependent on relative humidity for conductivity properties
  • Broad spectrum chemical resistance to concentrated acids, caustics and solvents
  • Produces a durable gloss finish, with excellent wear, abrasion and impact resistant properties
  • Produces a tough, smooth, and non-porous surface that is easy to clean and allows for repeated washes or decontamination

Primary Applications:

  • Chemical production and storage areas
  • Electronic manufacturing, calibration and repair facilities
  • Aircraft hangar
  • Military premises
  • Aerospace industries
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Oil refineries
  • Solvent production and storage areas
  • Explosion hazard areas (gas, vapor, spray or fine dust)
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