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The ASL PRO 7 is an impressive 21-inch floor grinding machine that is capable of reaching a remarkably smooth grind and polished surface.

This machine is propane powered allowing the operator to work anywhere without worrying about power cords or having insufficient power. 

The magnetic plates make tooling simple to change.

The automatic leveling system has excellent flexibility to evenly balance the machine. 

With the integrated vacuum port, the machine can grind and polish wet or dry.

    Technical Specifications:
    Model:PRO 7
    Power:18 HP Propane
    Grinding disc speed:300-1800 RPM
    Grinding discs:3 x 9”
    Grinding width:21″
    Weight:476 lbs
    Propane Tank:20 lbs
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    Grinder Width

    Grinding Disc Heads

    3 x 9 in

    Power Type

    Machine Weight

    476 lbs

    Motor Power

    18 HP

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