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WB Epoxy┃Color


Concrete Solutions

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Concrete Solutions® WB Epoxy Color is a two component waterborne epoxy used in a variety of applications. It has a long pot life of 3 hours and is usually tack free within 1 – 2 hours.

Due to the water permeability and moisture insensitive properties of WB Epoxy Color, it can be applied over damp surfaces, although all standing water should be removed and the top surface allowed to dry.

Moisture vapor testing of the surface is recommended before applying WB Epoxy Color.

Coverage Rate:

300-400 ft² per gal


Sold in 2 Gal Kits

Typical Uses:
  • As a sealer – WB Epoxy Color is used as a cost effective topcoat sealer for concrete floors and walls providing a durable, easy to clean surface and is also used as an economical sealer on residential and commercial garage floors, warehouse floors, parking garages, commercial kitchens and bathrooms, hospital floors and many other applications. Apply two coats of WB Epoxy Color at 300 – 400 sq. ft. per gallon each coat.
  • As an intermediate coat – For broadcasting Concrete Solutions Color Flakes, after Concrete Solutions Epoxy 200 is used as a primer, WB Epoxy Color can be used as an intermediate coat to broadcast flakes into, especially on interior color flake applications where a low odor system is required. For applications that need UV stability, Concrete Solutions Urethanes are recommended. (See the Color Flake/Quartz Application Instructions with step by step
Key Features:
  • Fast drying (within 60-90 minutes) and long work time  (2-3 hours)
  • May be used as a light duty concrete sealer providing superior dust control and good appearance.
  • Superior wood sealant — providing a perfect bond and preventing bubbles and other ‘out-gassing”
  • Can be applied directly to properly prepared metal substrates.
  • Used in one or two coat sealer applications
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