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WACT-30 – Acrylic Water Based Sealer


  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Long Pot Life
  • Solventless
  • Low VOC

WACT is a high performance acrylic coating system designed to protect all interior as well as exterior concrete products.

It may be directly applied to dry and humid surfaces as well as surfaces previously treated with latex coatings.

  • Quick and easy application, easy to clean
  • Quick drying
  • Excellent chemical resistance (used motor oil, engine coolant, etc.)
  • Excellent resistance to bad weather
  • Durability and resistance to yellowing
  • May be applied to surface with high pH levels (hot surfaces)
  • Embellishes surfaces and keeps surfaces clean
  • Resistance to discoloration
  • Coating integrity (will not whiten)
  • May be applied on humid or dry surfaces
  • No restrictions due to odor or harmful materials
  • Respects environmental requirements
  • Resistance to tire marks

Mileage per gallon at recommended thickness: 300-350 ft² @ 4-6 mils

Shelf Life

12 months in original unopened factory sealed containers.

Keep away from extreme cold, heat, or moisture. 

Keep out of direct sunlight and away from fire hazards.

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