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Velo 85 RC


SKU: 032367275960 Categories: , , Brand: Velobond

Semi-Rigid Polyurea Rapid Cure Joint Fill

Velo 85 RC is a rapid cure semi-rigid polyurea joint filler designed for cold storage and freezer applications. It will cure at -20°F and be ready to shave within an hour. It is UV inhibited, heavy duty and designed to protect the brittle joint edges of concrete floors from damage by heavy and hard wheeled transport of product. Velo 85 RC provides a smooth flat surface for the transportation of goods and people.


Velo 85 RC is not affected by moisture, 100% solids, solvent free, zero VOC’s, tack free within 20 minutes and open to traffic in an hour. The Shore A hardness is 85, and it has excellent bonding properties. It is easily pigmented with consistent color and equal viscosity of A and B sides for easy mixing. Aromatic formulation is safer for handlers, installers, transporters, and employees.

Coverage Rates

1 Gallon = 231 cubic inches, or 128 ounces. 1 Gallon = 5.8 (22 oz.) cartridges. The chart shown here indicates amounts of lineal feet per gallon. Divide by 5.8 for lineal feet of 22 oz. cartridges. Estimations must include a percentage for waste such as overfill. Typical deductions for waste range between 10% – 12%.

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