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Vapor Shield



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Multicoat’s VAPOR SHIELD is a Chemical Hardener, Densifier, Soluble Chloride Reducer used over bare concrete prior to cementitious overlay applications.

Vapor Shield is a non-flammable, non-toxic, non-acid sealer that strengthens and internally waterproofs cementitious materials.


  • Blocks & Reduces Vapor Emissions
  • Leaves the Concrete Breathable
  • Purges Soluble Chlorides and Prevents Re-Entry
  • Does not alter bonds
  • Reduces “green concrete” window to average of 5 days


Reduces vapor emissions for application of surface coatings such as:

  • polyurea coatings,
  • epoxy coatings,
  • urethane coatings,
  • carpet,
  • floor tile,
  • sheet vinyl 
  • hard- wood flooring materials.

Reduces corrosion activity from salt air and humidity.

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Data Sheets
Coverage will vary depending on condition of surface and desired thickness.
PackagingCoverage Rate
1 gal kit200 sq. ft. / kit
5 gal kit1,000 sq. ft. / kit
*Based on coverage rate of 200 sq. ft. / gal.
  • Rough Slab Finish: 75 - 200 sq ft / gal
  • Dense and Smooth Finish: 150 - 200 sq ft / gal

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