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Euclid UltraSil Li+


Densifier, Sealer, and Dust Proofer for Concrete

ULTRASIL LI+ is a water-based lithium silicate solution used to densify, seal and dustproof concrete surfaces.

ULTRASIL LI+ penetrates and chemically reacts within the concrete, producing extremely hard and dense calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) in the pores. The result is concrete that is tougher, easier to clean, and more resistant to damage from water and mild chemicals. Because the product of the lithium silicate-concrete reaction is formed internally, the protection of ULTRASIL LI+ never peels or chips off, is unaffected by moisture, and lasts much longer than surface sealers and coatings.

Features & Benefits

  • Seals, densifies and dustproofs concrete in one operation
  • Water-based, low VOCs
  • Treated concrete is more dense and durable
  • Permanent treatment that never peels off
  • Makes concrete easier to maintain
  • Can Contribute to LEED points (EQ Credit 4.2)


ULTRASIL LI+ is packaged in 55 gal (208 L) drums and 5 gal (18.9 L) pails.


  • Interior concrete floors
  • Commercial and retail floors
  • Diamond polishing concrete
  • Warehouse floors
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Distribution centers
  • Transportation terminals
  • Institutional floors
  • Health care facilities
  • Clean rooms
  • Mechanical rooms


  • 250 – 800 sqft/Gal
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