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StatRez® PC 350C System

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StatRez PC 350C is a very versatile, 100% solids, conductive epoxy system that is commonly used in electron- ics manufacturing and packaging lines. This three– coat system is comprised of one isolation coat of Epoxy 400 and one coat of StatRez 150 followed by one coat of StatRez 350 with a gloss finish.

StatRez PC 350C is a 3-coat epoxy flooring system designed to impart static control properties in the conductive range of 25,000-1,000,000 (2.5E4-1E6) ohms resistance when tested using ESD Association test method 7.1. This system has a gloss finish.

StatRez PC 350C is designed to provide static control properties that prevent electrostatic damage to electronic products and equipment, limit the ability of personnel to build up a charge on their person and quickly remove a charge on a person or equipment. StatRez PC 350C is used in electronics manufacturing and assembly areas, packag-ing lines, processing areas, clean rooms, pharmaceu cal industries, and hazardous industries (dust or explosion hazards).

Features & Benefits

  • 100% solids, <25 g/l VOC
  • Qualifies for LEED projects
  • Maintains consistent electrical performance throughout the entire thickness of the system
  • Does not depend on relative humidity for conductive properties
  • Monolithic, seamless, non-porous
  • More durable than ESD tile or sheet goods

Products in Syste:m

  1. Epoxy 400 – Isolation Coat
  2. StatRez 150 – Conductive Primer 
  3. StatRez 350 – Top Coat
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StatRez PC 350 System Epoxy 400 StatRez 150 StatRez 350

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