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SlurryDry SSG


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SlurryDry is a a super absorbent polymer designed to quickly absorb free water within cement fines. This product will be used to solidify the slurry pit allowing solids to be loaded and delivered to the local landfills. After solidification, the solids will pass the paint filter test as required.

SlurryDry SSG  is a new economical blend of slurry solidification agent from a family of successful drying polymer blend.

Using a new proprietary blend of polymers and bentonite clays, SSG was born. Super absorbent and leaching resistant, SSG produces a landfill ready solid that is paint filter test compliant.

Features and Benefits:

  • Only adds 1-3% to waste volume for decreased hauling costs.
  • Solidifies immediately reducing process time.
  • Helps waste pass Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (EPA Method 1311)
  • Helps pass EPA 9095B paint filter test for compliant landfill disposal.
  • Forms a stable, non-flowing solid from concrete slurry that is easy to manage and dispose.
  •  Absorbs 200-300 times its weight in high pH wastewater.
  • Our non leaching formula will also accelerate evaporation in the landfill.
  • SlurryDry SSG  is non hazardous and an environmental friendly solution for solidification of cement fines and silt.


  • For spill containment
  • For job site rinse solidification
  • For finishing drying bunker
  • For pit clean out solidification

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