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ScanCombiflex 330 RS


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ScanCombiflex 330 (SC 330) is a powerful and easy to use machine. It is one of the most versatile machines on the market. The 13 inch (330 mm) grinding disc is effective when grinding smaller areas, removal of tough coatings and also works very nicely in preparatory work. With a simple maneuver SC 330 can also be made into an edge grinder that can be adjusted for grinding in two different directions.

The 330 mm disc on the SC 330 can be configured with 3, 6, or 9 of our metal or resin bond diamond tools. This allows the machine to cut more aggressively when necessary, or grind soft surfaces by spreading out the weight and using more tools. Sandpaper and our ScanPad Dancers can also be used with the SC 330. For smooth and simple transport the SC330 is easy to separate into two parts.

ScanCombiflex 330 is available in several performance models with different accessories.

Technical Specifications:

Voltage:110-120 V 1~ or 220-240 V 1~
Motor Power:1.5 HP 0r 3.5 HP
Current:15 or 10 Amp
Grinding disc speed:150-400 rpm or 250-750 rpm
Grinding disc:1 x 13”
Grinding widht:13″
Weight:154 lbs
Grinder Width

Power Type

Machine Weight

154 lbs

Motor Power

1.5 HP, 3.5 HP

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ScanCombiflex 330 Manual

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