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Super-Quik™ Kit (S-300)

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A two-component, fast-setting concrete repair mixture. Super-Quik sets in 5 minutes and will accept heavy vehicle traffic in as little as 15 minutes.

Cure Rate20 min+

S-300 Super-Quik™ concrete repair mix is a two-component, fast-setting, concrete repair mixture. S-300 Super-Quik sets in 5 minutes and will accept heavy vehicle traffic in as little as 15 minutes. S-300 Super-Quik is not affected by rain, freezing temperatures, heat or other adverse conditions and will set up in contact with, or submerged in water. 

S-300 Super-Quik consists of component “A” which is S-301 Super-Quik Part A (Liquid Activator) and component “B” S-302 Super-Quik Part B (Dry Cement Compound). This product does not require water or wettings for curing. S-300 Super-Quik can be installed at any depth and feather to a zero thickness.

IMPORTANT: The installer has 3 to 5 minutes to mix, place and finish. The working and set-up times may be increased by using a greater amount of the S-301 Super-Quik Part A (Liquid Activator).

  • Fast-setting skim coats or deep fills
  • Easy mixing
  • Nearly eliminates lane closures and downtime
  • Requires minimal surface preparation
  • Works under water
  • Can be used in rain or freezing temperatures
  • Can be hand-mixed or machine-mixed
  • Compatible with all Super-Krete Products
  • Water and sewage treatment plants • Curb, gutter and sidewalk repair
  • Freezer floors
  • Concrete pipes
  • Dams and reservoirs
  • Structural crack repairs
  • Handicap ramp reconstruction
  • Self-leveling projects

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