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Reaper X Grinder


Reaper X is the King of all the Maverick product lines. The aluminum alloy gearbox and planetary gear driver are capable of reaching a remarkable flat grind to produce smooth surfaces.

The folding handle and split body are designed for a more convenient way to carry and transport the machine. The automatic leveling system has excellent flexibility to evenly touch the floor and perfectly balance the machine. Through the integrated system of the suction port, the machine can grind and polish wet or dry.

Available Accessories:

  • USB/Phone Charger
  • LED Light
  • Mist Cooler System
  • Phone Holster
  • Cup Holder
  • Additional Weights
  • 30 ft chord
  • Dual Pivot Point Breakaway Handles
  • Gravity Fed Water Tool Drip
  • Floating Dust/Splash Guard
  • Magnetic Plates
  • Chord Handle
  • Carrying Sticks
  • Integrated Weight System
  • Transport Front Wheel
  • Compatible with Ravage Pro*
Grinder Width

Motor Power

15 HP

Power Type

Machine Weight

850 lbs

Grinding Disc Heads

3 x 9 in


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