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$2,184.00 per pallet

CTS Cement – Rapid Set

1 Pallet (56 bags) at $39.00 /bag

*Must be purchased in pallet quantities.

WunderFixx® is a high performance, gray concrete smoothing and patching compound that is durable in wet environments with excellent bonding characteristics.

WunderFixx Concrete Patching Compound is a durable, fast-setting, one-component concrete patching material formulated with a premium-grade hydraulic cement, high-performance polymers and a finely ground aggregate.

When mixed with water, WunderFixx produces a workable, easy-to-apply mixture with excellent bonding characteristics.

Trowel WunderFixx over existing concrete to achieve a smooth and uniform finish.

After applying, WunderFixx may be sanded to achieve an ultra-smooth finish. One 50-lb bag of WunderFixx will cover 115 ft2 at 1/16″.

Concrete Smoothing and Patching Compound
  • Patch, sand and paint the same day.
  • Grit free, ultra-smooth finish.
  • Self-Curing Technology (SCT).

WunderFixx can be used for patching and detailing on tilt-up panels, precast concrete, concrete block and other concrete surfaces. It is suitable for damp environments on interior and exterior projects. WunderFixx may be used in horizontal, vertical and overhead applications.

  • Fast Setting | Patch and paint the same day
  • Smooth Finish | Trowels smooth with no grit
  • Sandable | For ultra-smooth finish
  • Excellent Bond | Bonds to concrete, brick, block, plaster, tile
  • and more
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