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The Racatac┃3″ Caster Model with Chest Support


Category: Brand: Racatac

Racatac 3″ Caster model combined with the Racatac chest support attachment.

3″ Caster Model

The Racatac™ 3″ Caster Model will allow your feet easier and quicker movement when you are in a kneeling /sitting position. 

This model would be your choice if you need to move rather quickly in a lateral position, using it mostly on rough surfaces, have large feet or long legs, or work mostly kneeling/sitting, such as auto body repair and PDR techs, painters, fabricators, etc.

Chest Support

The fully adjustable chest support that comes with this model connects and disconnects in seconds. 

It is made of very comfortable dual density foam. Both the seat and chest support adjust at different angles, different heights, and slide on a rail front to back. 

This allows you to use both hands in various working positions while your back and knees are fully supported and you can control your movement with your feet and toes.

Adjustable seat – Instead of sitting back on your heels, the fully adjustable seat provides the upper body support, leaving your feet free to control your movement.

Kneepads – Comfortable attached floating-like kneepads allow your knees to rest and move freely. They eliminate direct knee to floor pressure, circulation problems, and will allow you to work in shorts without having to wear kneepads with straps.

3″ Casters –Allow you to roll to move, instead of crawling and bouncing on your knees. Elevates your body and eliminates the normal pressure on toes, ankles and knees. Will allow you to work over dirty, wet, or dusty areas easier and cleaner.

Tool Tray – This feature is really appreciated by all the people that use the Racatac. They love having a place to keep their necessities right there rolling with them.

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