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PT3020┃30″ Grinder


This is a no-compromise machine. Easily tackle tough prep or polish jobs. Bid those bigger jobs with confidence knowing you’ll be able to back it up.  It’s 1280 lbs folks!  It’s got 896 lbs of head pressure with the weights forward. The game literally changes when you have this kind of weight and power at your disposal. You think of grinding and polishing differently when you can remove epoxy with 50 grit hybrid resins (no joke!)  Runs on 208-240V  3-phase power.  Recommended generator size is 10kw or greater 3-phase.  

*note the grinder can be run on single phase power for low-friction prep work with the weights back, but 3-phase is recommended

Total Weight (with weights)1280 lbs
Head Pressure (with weights forward)896 lbs
Power Requirements (3-phase)208-240V
Circuit Size 3-phase)30 Amp
Recommended Generator Size10kw or more 3-phase
Grinder Width

Power Type

Motor Power

20 HP

Machine Weight

1,280 lbs

Grinding Disc Heads

3 x 10 in

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