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POND KOTE is a cementitious coating applied to fish hatcheries to restore the walls and floor back to original smooth condition.  Rough walls harm the fish, promote deadly bacteria and make cleaning next to impossible. Pond Kote is smoother for the fish and easy to clean.Also ideal for Ponds and Water Features as the visual wearing surface.

COVERAGE: Thickness and Coverage per 65lb Bag

  • 1/16” 120 sq. ft. per bag.
  • 1/8” 60 sq. ft. per bag.
  • 1/4” 30 sq. ft. per bag. *Should be done in (2) 1/8” layers.
  • Substrate, weather, and workmanship will cause coverage rates to vary.

PACKAGING AND STORAGE: Pond Kote is furnished in 65-lb bags. Shelf life is approximately 24 months. Store in a dry environment

  • Chemical Resistant
  • No Toxic Chemicals
  • Fish Friendly / Tested Safe for Fish
  • Seals Concrete
  • Freeze – Thaw Resistant
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to Clean
  • Pond Kote is available in 3 textures: Coarse, Smooth and Extra Smooth 
  • Pond Kote is also available in 2 colors: Grey and White
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