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Polymer Pump | Used Model for Sale

$5,950.00 or Best Offer

U.S.SAWS new and innovative design of the polymer pump allows one person to control the position of the pump with one hand while dispensing the joint filler with the other. Left and right handed operation are easy with the double-sided “T” handle. This “One Man Pump” allows other workers to handle other tasks while one person is filling joints.

  • Allows for one person operation
  • The unit comes standard with a 1:1 component ratio, but a 2:1 component ratio is available
  • Lower tanks make filling easier
  • Dedicated storage area for generator or battery
  • Waste bucket holder for fewer drips on the floor
  • Enclosed box for tool storage *Use a deep cycle battery and 2,000-watt inverter, or small generator for cord-free operation.

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