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Planiseal™ MB


Mapei – Moisture Barrier and Consolidating Epoxy Primer

Sold in 3 Gallon, Part A + B Kit

Moisture Barrier and Consolidating Epoxy Primer

Planiseal MB is a 100%-solids epoxy coating that is designed to effectively stop moisture-related problems with toppings, as well as act as a surface-consolidating epoxy primer. When the designated film thickness is applied, Planiseal MB will reduce moisture vapor emission rates (MVERs) of up to 25 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. (11,3 kg per 92,9 m2) per 24 hours to below the limit of 3 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. (1,36 kg per 92,9 m2).

When Planiseal MB is applied in a single-coat application system, its low-viscosity high-density resins penetrate deep into the substrate to effectively consolidate the substrate and reduce the MVER. Planiseal MB also may be used to consolidate friable substrates before application of toppings and other floor finishes, in addition to self-leveling underlayments.

Features and Benefits

  • Treats substrates with up to 25 lbs. (11,3 kg) MVER per ASTM F1869 and/ or relative humidity (RH) up to 100%, per ASTM F2170
  • Low viscosity penetrates into the substrate, consolidating and tightly bonding surfaces to substrates.
  • Low odor and VOC compliance for use in interior, occupied environments
  • Single-coat applicability means faster turnaround and lower installation costs.
  • Extended working time allows trapped air to escape and ensures film integrity.
  • Alkaline-resistance-tested for prolonged exposure to a pH of 14 per ASTM D1308 with no effect on Planiseal MB
  • Cost-effective protection against the most severely MVER-challenged substrates
  • Deep penetration into substrate provides a strong, consolidating effect.

Kit includes:

  • Pail: Part A, 2.2 U.S. gals. (8,33 L)
  • Jug: Part B, 0.8 U.S. gal. (3,03 L)

Where to use:

  • Properly prepared sound and stable concrete substrates (at least 7 days old for conventional and at least 5 days old for post-tensioned concrete), with an MVER of up to 25 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. (11,3 kg per 92,9 m2) per 24 hours and/or RH of up to 100%

  • Sound, stable, fully cured gypsum underlayments or lightweight concretes requiring surface consolidation


3 gal (Kit)

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