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Ameripolish PG-7K Polishable Grout


PG-7K system will typically cover 5,000 sq ft.

SKU: 032367275257 Categories: , , Brand: Ameripolish®
Ameripolish PG-7K polishable grout is a fast-setting, modified polymer, high-strength modified cement with excellent bonding strength formulated specifically to fill in small cracks, pinholes and surface irregularities in concrete. It also increases strength, gloss, and distinctness of image (DOI) on most floors. Ameripolish PG-7K readily accepts Ameripolish concrete dyes and requires no special polishing procedures. Ameripolish® PG-7K Part A – Powder must be mixed with PG-&K Part B – Liquid.
  • Fast-setting, high-strength cement that fills in small cracks, pinholes, and surface irregularities.
  • Increases durability, gloss, and distinctness of image (DOI) on most floors.
  • Readily accepts Ameripolish® dyes.
  • Easy to use 2:1 mix ratio.
Dilution & Coverage
Mix 2 parts PG-7K Part A – Powder to 1 part Part B – Liquid at 10 lbs to every gallon of Part B. Use drill and egg beater or spiral mixer to mix. Add approximately half the liquid to the powder and mix until creamy and lump free. Add remaining liquid and mix until uniform. Properly mixed product should have the consistency of “buttermilk” or “light cream.” Ameripolish® PG-7K coverage varies considerably from floor to floor.
  • PG-7K system will typically cover 5,000 sq ft.
Weight77 lbs
Dimensions10 × 13.5 × 16 in
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