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MPC 100 – Epoxy Coating (100% Solids)


  • Great for Metallic – Flake – Quartz – Solid Color Pigment
  • 100% Solids Epoxy
  • Self Leveling
  • Residential – Commercial – Industrial
  • 1st Clear Coat 200 – 300 sqft
  • Metallic Coat 50 sqft Gal

MPC-100 is a 2-component, 100% solids, self-leveling and high-build epoxy floor coating. It is designed to be used as a protective floor coating on concrete, over an existing epoxy coating or to create metallic/decorative flooring systems. It can also be used as the binder component for resurfacing or patching surfaces exposed to severe and aggressive industrial environments. MPC-100 is a specifically formulated cycloaliphatic coating that reduces water spotting and amine blushing while providing excellent adhesion, abrasion, impact and chemical resistance.

This seamless coating from Master Protective Coatings is offered in a wide number of colors and can be top coated with a variety of MPC products to achieve different gloss finishes and textures. This coating contains no solvent, is a complaint with the CFIA regulations for indirect food contact and meets the VOC regulations limit of under 100 g/L for architectural floor coatings.

Areas of application

  • Industrial Use – Garages; Warehouses; Airports and hangars; Processing and manufacturing plants
  • Commercial Use – Shopping malls and boutiques; Hotels; Offices; Showrooms; Restaurants; Hospitals; Schools; Community centers
  • Residential Use – Entrances and hallways; basements; entertainment rooms; bathrooms; kitchens and living rooms; outdoors spaces and pool outlines

Packaging and Recommended Thickness

MPC- 100 is offered in the following kit sizes:

  • 3-gallon kit (7.56L resin (A) and 3.78L hardener (B))
  • Bulk packaging also available upon request

Metallic pigments are offered in 6 oz containers (1 pigment pod per 3-gallon kit)

Recommended Film Thickness – Clear Coat: 5-8 mils; Metallic Coat: 32-40 mils

Product Coverage:

  • 1st Clear Coat: 200-300 sq. ft. / 3.78L (1 US gal.) @ 5-8 mils dft
  • 2nd Clear Coat: 133-200 sq. ft. / 3.78 L (1 US gal.) @ 8-12 mils dft
  • Metallic Coat: 50 sq. ft. / 3.78 L (1 US gal.) @ 32 mils dft


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