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MC 100 Urethane – MVP


MVP Coatings

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MVP Coatings’ MC-100 Urethane is a one-component moisture-cured aliphatic polyurethane topcoat for concrete floors and walls. This system is odorless, contains no VOC’s or HAP’s, and is a UV Light stable polyurethane that won’t chalk or turn yellow with exposure to sunlight.

Properties include excellent chemical resistance against acids, bases, oils and organic solvents, and higher wear resistance than polyaspartic solvent-based urethanes and epoxy coatings. MC-100 develops a hard, high-gloss, wear-resistant, flexible film that can be used as a clear or pigmented topcoat.

A matte finish additive is available for a medium gloss finish.

  • Solvent-free, No VOC’S or HAP’S
  • Hight gloss, odorless
  • One-component, No measuring
  • Coverage rate up to 700 ft. per Gallon
  • Aliphatic, UV-stable, will not yellow
  • Greatly enhances acid-stained concrete
  • Can be applied over concrete countertops
  • Color packs and matte finish available
  • *Ships DOT non-hazardous
  • High chemical, mold, and fungus resistance
  • Better abrasion resistance than polyaspartic, wear resistance, elongation, tensile strength solvent-based urethanes and epoxies
Primary Applications:
  • Breweries
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouses
  • Laboratories¬†
  • Chemical Plants
  • Automotive Repair Centers
  • Distilleries¬†
  • Locker Rooms and Restrooms
  • Fire and Police Stations
  • Outdoor Logos/Decorative Concrete
  • Aircraft Hangars
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