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LD10 – Sloping and Repair Mortar


50 lbs per bag

Special formulated Portland cement blended with a variety of silica sand and proprietary additives. LD10 is used for sloping, filling cracks, repairing, and/or patching. LD10 only requires water to blend with, do not mix with LD-81, 1589 modifiers, or modifiers from other manufacturers.

Uses: LD10 is used for sloping, filling cracks, repairing and/ or patching.

Advantages of the LD10

  • High strength 
  • Good working time
  • Cement products can to be feathered
  • Excellent adhesion to most surfaces
  • Does not shrink and/or expand during curing process
  • Can be applied in one application up to 3 in
Weight50 lbs
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