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LD-2000 Urethane Waterproofing System

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  1. **Primer: 25 Series Epoxy
  2. Base Coat: LD-220
  3. Broadcast Coat: LD-220  &  Aggregate: Monterey Sand or Silica Sand
  4. Top Coat: LD-221 – Urethane Color Coat
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Technical Data Sheet


The Life Deck 2000 Decking System is a specialized application of elastomeric coatings that is both flexible and durable. This chemical resistant, moisture cured, polyurethane system is designed to expand and contract with normal structural movements.

Years of service have proven the lasting qualities of this product in resisting weathering and abrasion. The Life Deck 2000 Decking system is durable and, with appropriate sand aggregate, provides a slip-resistant waterproofing system. It has an aesthetically pleasing monolithic surface that will not soften in heat or become brittle in cold. With the use of a catalyst, the Life Deck 2000 Decking System can be accelerated to a two-day application.

The Life Deck 2000 Decking System is a waterproofing system that can be used on a wide range of applications. Installed and maintained properly, this system will ensure years of waterproofing protection.


The Life Deck 2000 Decking System can be used over plywood or concrete where an elastomeric, chemical resistant, waterproof deck coating is needed.

Life Deck Urethane System Advantages:

  1. Waterproof
  2. Chemical Resistant
  3. Elastomeric
  4. Moisture Cured
  5. Abrasion Resistant
  6. Monolithic
  7. Cost Effective

Life Deck Urethane System Example Applications:

  • plazas
  • patios
  • sun decks
  • balconies
  • lanais
  • helicopter pads
  • walkways
  • stairs
  • parking structures

Regularly specified on:

  • homes
  • apartments
  • condominiums
  • hotels
  • office buildings
  • most commercial structures.

Life Deck Urethane System Inspection:

Plywood decks must be at least 3/4″ ACX grade and installed with the finish side up. The deck should be tongue and groove and properly nailed (glued & screwed is best) to meet local building codes. The plywood shall have a maximum span of 16″. Slope must be a minimum of 1/4″ per linear foot. Please refer to Notice to Customer for Deck Coatings.

Life Deck Urethane System Surface Preparation:

Be sure the surface is clean, dry and free of grease, paint, oil, dust or curing agents. Concrete should be cured a minimum of 28 days prior to installation and should be roughed up to the texture of 30 grit sandpaper.

Life Deck Urethane System Application: 


Sloping should always be done in the framing or in the concrete subsurface. This is the responsibility of the building owner and not the deck coating applicator. If sloping is requested it should be noted on the work order.

Also, the applicator along with manufacturer should not be held responsible for the outcome of these remedial measures to help correct these preexisting slope conditions. Crickets (reverse slope to divert water to drain) may be installed and sloping may be done using a Life Deck Concrete Patch.

Concrete Patch is a mixture of LD81 with LD3 or LD1 cement (see Life Deck Concrete Patch specification for details). Galvanized metal lath should be stapled to the plywood to strengthen and help bond. When building up over concrete it must be rough enough for bonding (see surface preparation). Life Deck 7200 epoxy blended with aggregate may also be used to slope

Life Deck Urethane System Flashing

Use a minimum of 26-gauge bonderized sheet-metal. Flash at the junction of the wall and deck using 4″ x 4″ flashing. Flash the fascia with 2″x 4″ flashing. Overlap all seams at least 4″ and caulked in front and back with a Life Deck approved sealant such as Tremflex 25 or equivalent. Smooth uneven surfaces with Tremflex 25, Life Deck Concrete Patch or Life Deck 7200 epoxy patch. Nail all flashing every 4″. Note: If the flashing is not bonderized it must be etched so that the coating will bond.

**Life Deck Urethane System Primer Requirements**

Prime the surface with Life Deck 25 Series epoxy primer. The first coat or primer coat should be cut back with water to insure maximum penetration of the surface.

Premix each side A & B. Combine 2 quarts of part A with 1 quart of part B and mix for 2 minutes. Then add 1 quart of water and mix for 1 more minute. Combine using an agitator, jiffy mixer or stir stick. Next, the primer is ready to be applied by brush, spray or roller. Coverage should be approximately 200-300 sq. ft. (or 1 to 2 dry mils) per 3/4- gallon batch. Mix only what you will use within 2 hours. Discard unused mixed primer.

Plywood Joints/Concrete Seams and Cracks

Cracks or seams should be cleaned out, dry and free of debris. Life Deck Seam Tape (self-adhering) should be laid out over all cracks, seams, and plywood joints and at flashing. Open cracks should be routed out with a diamond crack chaser. Next, apply Rainbuster joint sealant into the tape with a trowel or putty knife to smooth. Allow joint sealant to become firm before applying base coat.

How to Apply Life Deck Urethane System:

Step 1: Base Coat

  1. Apply LD 220 to substrate at a rate of 50 square feet per gallon. For best results use a notched trowel or notched squeegee and back roll to even out the material. Next, allow LD 220 to cure, usually 24 hours (or until firm enough to walk on) before additional coats.

Step 2: Broadcast Coat

  1. Apply a second coat of LD 220 at a rate of 100 square feet per gallon. Immediately broadcast the desired aggregate, such as #2-16 Monterey sand or #20 silica sand, at a rate of 100 lbs./100 square feet into the wet coat (Sand aggregates should washed and kiln dried) The aggregate should completely cover the surface. After 24 hours, remove loose aggregate by broom or vacuum.

Step 3: TopCoat

  1. Apply desired color of LD 221 Top Coat at a rate of 100 square feet per gallon. For best results use a squeegee and back roll to even out the material. Moreover, an airless sprayer or phenolic core roller may be used but extra care should be taken to prevent air bubbles.

Step 4: Optional Second Top Coat

  1. Apply a second coat of LD221 Top Coat at a rate of 200 square feet. Allow 72 hours of cure time before permitting heavy traffic on the finished system.

Life Deck Urethane System Limitations:

  • Do not apply this product on a grade.
  • Do not install if the temperature is below 55 F or above 95oF.
  • If inclement weather threatens, cover deck with a tarp or visquine to protect the material.
  • Do not allow any Life Deck product to freeze. Store material at 40oF – 110o F.
  • The amount and size of aggregate will vary the coverage of your top coat.

Life Deck Urethane System Maintenance:

  • Most stains clean up with TSP and water.
  • Use only a soft bristle scrub brush.
  • Depending on UV exposure, Life Deck 2000 should have a new top coat every 2 to 4 years.

Life Deck Urethane System Warranty:

Life Deck 2000 has a 5 year limited warranty and is valid only if the complete 2000 system is installed by a factory trained and licensed contractor and maintenance specifications are followed. Life Deck will replace any defective product proven to be the cause of deck failure.

The Life Deck 2000 warranty shall not exceed the replacement cost of the defective material and does not include labor. All claims regarding product defects must be presented to Life Deck within 90 days of the alleged defect.

The absence of a written claim during this period will constitute a waiver of all claims against the manufacturer. Warranty is void if subsurface or adjoining areas are not built to meet local building codes

Clean Up: Uncured material can be cleaned up with solvent. Cured material can only be removed mechanically.

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