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FastFloor® 1-Day Flooring System


Concrete Solutions – Return-to-service in one day. The FastFloor® system is a two-component, polyaspartic flooring system designed to offer chemical resistance and durability.

The Rhino Linings FastFloor® One-Day* Flooring System is a two-component, polyaspartic flooring system offering quick return-to-service and excellent chemical resistance.

Formulated with aliphatic chemistry, the FastFloor system is color stable allowing it to endure UV exposure without color shifts.

FastFloor bonds to virtually all substrates, including, concrete, metals and fiberglass.

It’s durable and rapid return-to -service properties make it an ideal floor coating system for warehouses, airplane hangars and laboratories as well as restaurant floors, hospital floors, and high-traffic entryways and lobby areas.

Typical Uses:

Excellent durability and aesthetics for floor, equipment and other coatings including:

  • garage floors
  • pool decks
  • laboratories
  • restaurant floors
  • airplane hangars
  • bridge decks
  • entry/lobby areas
Features & Benefits:
  • One day return-to-service formulation
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals, oils and UV exposure
  • High-quality proven products for long-term durability
  • It creates a durable, seamless lining that conforms to any shape and size

2 gal (kit)

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