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EZ Super Sealer PLUS – 1 Gallon

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SKU: 032367275631 Categories: , , Brand: EZ Polish System

EZ Polish System Super Sealer PLUS repels both oil and water on most hard surface substrates, providing real stain protection without forming a typical film like “guard” stain protection.


– Super Sealer PLUS extremely small molecular size allows it to penetrate into dense, hard and non-porous surfaces creating a sub-surface barrier resistant to staining from many foods and chemicals

COVERAGE RATE: 3,000 – 5,000 sf/gal

PRODUCT SIZE: 5 Gallon Bucket

1) Spray a light mist of Super Sealer PLUS onto a concrete surface and immediately spread evenly with Microfiber pad. Apply enough material to keep the surface wet for about a minute before penetrating; attain 100% coverage, without either dry streaking or puddling.
2) Burnish with a high-speed burnisher, fitted with a 3000 grit or finer diamond-impregnated pad or auto-scrub with a white pad to remove the surface haze.

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