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Mapei – Two-component, super-fluid epoxy resin for injections and anchorings.

Dry Time20min+

Sold in 2.5kg (.66 gal) and 4kg (1.2 gal) kits.

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Two-component, super-fluid epoxy resin for injections and anchorings.

  • Monolithic repair of structures with cracks or fissures caused by heavy loads, accidental impacts and earthquakes.
  • Bonding and reinforcement of structures by low-pressure injection.
  • Precise anchoring of metallic structures.
  • Structural repairs of beams, pillars and fissured floors by low-pressure injection.
  • Reinforcement of beams and floors by using injection and béton plaqué, the plated concrete technique, when the plates to be bonded are fitted with lateral flaps and it is therefore impossible to apply Adesilex PG1 or Adesilex PG2 directly.
  • Restoring and waterproofing cracks in reservoirs, tanks, and canals.
  • Restoring, by injection, various elements of façades, cladding and architectural elements that are loose.
  • Protective injections of post-compression cable ducts.
  • Structural consolidation and restoration of civil and industrial road constructions which show signs of cracking.
  • Sealing of fissures in cementitious screeds.
  • Consolidation and restoration, by injection of concrete structures damaged by earthquakes, settlement or impact.
  • Anchoring metallic structural work and steel reinforcement.

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