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Euclid Dural Aquatight 100 Plus


  • Moisture Mitigation Treatment System
  • Low Odor
  • Single Coat Application
  • Coverage : 100-130 sqft/Gallon
Actual Area (sq. ft.)
Total Price

Moisture Mitigation Treatment System

Euclid DURAL AQUATIGHT 100 is a two-component, modified epoxy system designed to seal concrete and reduce moisture vapor transmission prior to applying finished flooring.

DURAL AQUATIGHT 100 has been proven to reduce moisture vapor emissions and be resistant to damage from high alkalinity. It does not contain hydrocarbons or other solvents, making it very low VOC.

Euclid DURAL AQUATIGHT 100 will tolerate moisture transmission rates (MVT) up to 10 pounds moisture per 1,000 square feet per 24 hours as tested according to ASTM F1869, and moisture content up to 90% relative humidity as tested according to ASTM F2170.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces moisture vapor transmission (MVT) rates
  • Resistant to high alkaline conditions
  • Moisture tolerant up to 10 lbs. MVT and 90% RH
  • Excellent adhesion to properly prepared concrete
  • Greatly reduces concrete outgassing
  • Low odor during application and cure


  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Chemical Processing
  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Warehouses


  • DURAL AQUATIGHT 100 is available in a 3 gallon (11.4 L) and 15 gallon (56.8 L) units.


  • 100 – 130 sqft/gallon

3 gal (Kit), 15 gal

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