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DL18 Self Leveler


Cemimax DL18 is a polymer modified cementitious self leveling underlayment used to level and smooth concrete as well as other interior substrates. Suitable at depths from 3/16″ to unlimited. DL-18 produces a very low emission, rapid setting, high-flow, level, flat, cost-effective, underlayment in areas with normal wear demands. For internal use only.

Packaging : 50 lb. paper bag
Storage : Minimum of 12 months when stored properly

Water Ratio : 5 liters/ 5.28 quarts per 50 lb. bag

Coverage Rate : 25 ft2 @ 1⁄4” depth per 50 lb. bag*
Working Temp : Minimum 50° F at floor level
Working Time : 30-40 minutes**

Dry Time (Moisture Sensitive Flooring) : 24 Hours**

Dry Time (Ceramic, Porcelain, Quarry Tiles) : 4-6 hours**

Compressive Strength : 4350 psi after 28 days

Flexural Strength: 1160 psi after 28 days

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*Actual coverage may vary depending on substrate conditions

**Temperature tested at 65o-70o F and 65% relative humidity

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Documents for this product may be available by request. Safety Data Sheet DL18

                                Product Data Sheet DL 18


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