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Cohills® Earth Tone Chemical Stains



Cohills® Earth Tone Chemical Stains create a unique look giving concrete visual character which cannot be achieved by using a conventional polymer or pigment type stain. When placed on a cementitious surface, the single component coloring solution of acidic metallic ion particles (acid stain), chemically react with the particles in the cement (free alkali) to form oxides.

Typical paint or coating stains cover up the concrete, while chemical stains infuse the color into the surface to become a permanent part of the substrate which will not crack, chip, fade or peel. The resulting effect creates a translucent, variegated effect, showcasing the character of the substrate.

Depending upon the cement content, age, porosity and manner in which hydration took place, the chemical stain will react differently every time. These variables cause broad drifts in color and mottled surface effects which are not considered defects, they are the reason for it’s inherent beauty.

Uses & Applications:

  • Walkways, driveways, patios, pool decks and more, can benefit by the use of Cohills® Earth Tone Chemical Stains whether it is a new or existing substrate.
  • Cohills Pro Series® Chemical Stains may be used in both interior and exteriors environments, on almost any cementious surface such as; micro- toppings, overlays, gunite, stucco, faux stone, terrazzo or cement plaster.
  • Stain may be applied over colored concrete as well as gray concrete. This can produce enhanced, rich effects to the already colored concrete. It may be used as an entire surface colorant or just as an accent border or detail.
  • Restaurants, bars, hotels and casino’s, retail stores and malls, movie theatres, museums, auto- mobile showrooms and residential flooring are typical areas for the use of Cohills® Earth Tone Chemical Stains as well as anywhere architec- tural concrete is desired. A mock up is suggested prior to starting any project. This should be done on the same surface to be stained.
  • Artistic and graphic effects are limitless with Cohills® Earth Tone Chemical Stains and depending on your application technique, multiple colors can be used for more interesting effects.

Coverage Rate:

Approximately 200-400 ft² per gallon per coat @ full strength.

Actual coverage may vary depending upon the texture and porosity of the concrete surface or other undetermined conditions.

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Color Chart (Earth Tone Chemical Stains)

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