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The C300 is a pre­-separator with built in vacuum equalizer and Longopac collection system for use with your dust extractor when it is prematurely clogging due to large quantities of material.

The C3000 pre-separator captures 90% of the material before it reaches the dust extractor, keeping your dust extractor filters clean and extending your grinding operation longer without interruption.

Equipped with Longopac® for dust free containment and disposal.  Includes an 8ft, 2″ hose assembly.

Key Features:

Hose: 2.5m x Ø 50mm

Inlet: Ø 50mm

Dust Storage System: Longopac

Dimensions LxWxH: 700x500x1430

Weight: 22 kg (48 lbs)



All Vacuum cleaners and accessories have a 12-month factory warranty for material and manufacturing defects. Do not attempt to repair the suction apparatus without the consent of the manufacturer.

The warranty does not cover defects which are the result of normal wear and tear, negligence, defective use, unauthorised repair or the suction apparatus being connected to the incorrect voltage.

In the event of any complaint, the suction apparatus or an agreed part of it must be returned to us or our authorised representative for warranty examination and for any warranty repair or replacement.


– Net Weight (lbs): 49 – Dimensions (in): 25 x 22 x 58

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