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BDC 7200┃Crack Patch



BDC 7200 Series is designed to be used on concrete, metal, wood, masonry or where a tough yet flexible epoxy paste is required.  Uses include patching surface cracks on concrete floors prior to application of many BDC products or as a general purpose patch on concrete, block or wood to fill small voids before coating with other products.

It provides epoxy high build, maximum toughness, flexibility, excellent chemical resistance in a quick drying paste.

Key Features:

  • Convenient 1:1 Mix Ratio
  • Fast Setting Time
  • High Build
  • Chemical Resistant
  •  Flexible
  • Very Durable
  • Moisture Tolerant


BDC 7200 Series is usually applied by hand and smoothed with a trowel. The coverage will vary depending on the thickness applied and the porosity.


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