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ASL T9 Grinder


This powerful 30-inch floor grinding and polishing machine has an aluminum alloy gearbox that can reach a remarkably flat grind to produce smooth, polished surfaces.

This machine features a folding handle and split body design for a more convenient way to carry and transport the machine. The magnetic plates make tool changing a simple task with our enhanced metal tooling or resin holders.

The automatic leveling system has excellent flexibility to evenly grind the floor and perfectly balance the machine. Because this machine is gear driven, there is no need for belt changes.

With the integrated vacuum port and 8 Gallon water tank, the machine can grind and polish wet or dry.

    Technical Specifications:

    Voltage:208-240 V
    Current:40 Amp
    Motor:15 HP
    Grinding disc speed:300-1600 RPM
    Grinding discs:3 x 10”
    Grinding width:30″
    Weight:758 lbs
    Grinder Width

    Grinding Disc Heads

    3 x 10 in

    Power Type

    Machine Weight

    758 lbs

    Motor Power

    15 HP

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