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ASL 1103PS Vacuum with Pre-Sep


The ASL 1103PS industrial vacuum features cutting edge technology and unprecedented performance.  This vacuum offers a unique self cleaning filter to ensure maximum efficiency on the job site.  All ASL vacuums come standard with a HEPA filter.  Plugs into standard wall sockets.

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The ASL Industrial 1103PS Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful 110V vacuum with 3 motors inside. With the easy to use dolly, transportation is hassle-free.

A unique feature of this vacuum is the self-cleaning filter, where a mechanism will constantly clear the filter to ensure maximum performance. A jet pulse can also be initiated manually through the red lever. ASL vacuums come standard with a HEPA Filter.

The ASL 1103 PS Vacuum with pre-sep has no circuit boards with this model and it has simple operation settings. As a 110V, the 1103PS is able to plug directly into standard wall sockets, which simplifies finding an adequate power source.

    Power:3 motors (4.8 HP)
    Voltage:110V Single Phase
    Weight:200 lbs
    Noise:75 dB
    HEPA Filter:Included
    Power Type

    Machine Weight

    200 lbs

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    ASL Brochure - 1103PS Product Data Sheet

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