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Americrete Water-Based Stains (A-1000)


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Product Description

Americrete Concrete Stain is a user-friendly, water base acrylic stain for concrete. This product penetrates the surface for a tenacious bond. Available in 18 standard colors and 8 stain pro colors, these colors can be mixed for unlimited selection. Concrete Stain is used as a protective, decorative coloring system over new and old, pigmented and non-pigmented concrete, masonry, and wood surfaces. The surface must be sealed with one of Americrete’s sealers. See Specification A-10,000 and A-9,500 for complete installation instructions. This product can be used on driveways, pool decks, architechtual designs, natural stone, garages, stamped concrete, stucco, walkways, industrial floors, kitchen floors, concrete blocks, exposed aggregate, brick, precast concrete, tile, fencing, wood decks, Mexican pavers, Americrete.

Coverage Rate

Concrete Stain will receive approximately 300 to 600 square feet per gallon depending upon the application procedure, and surface porosity.

Primary Uses

Concrete Stain is a semi-gloss product. It has the ease of application of acrylics, and penetrates the surface for a tenacious bond. Concrete Stain is stain, and abrasion resistant. This product is also water repellant, non-yellowing, and is easy to clean, and maintain. Colors and seals for a natural look. Resistant to automotive fluids, and other chemicals.


A-1000 can be applied many different ways. The most popular form of application is with a Hudson Chapon Sprayer applying at a rate of approx. 300 sq. ft. per gallon. A-1000 can be modeled by spraying one color into another color. A-1000 can be applied with a sponge, rag, spray equiptment or broom. Use your imagination!

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