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Cohills Altered FX – Color Shifting Metallic Pigments

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Cohills Pro Series Color Shifting Metallic Epoxy is available in 9 colors. This stunning epoxy shifts between 3 and 4 different colors . Combine with 100% Epoxy to create breath taking metallic floors.

Cohills Pro Series® Altered FX are color shifting pigments available in 9 colors, when added to 100% solids epoxy, it creates a one of a kind floor. An Altered FX floor will change between 3 to 4 colors depending on different variables such as, the angle being viewed, lighting, and application techniques.  It is highly recommended that the substrate is primed in a dark color (preferably black) to achieve the best results. Altered FX can be used in conjunction with other clear vehicles such as polyurethane, acrylic sealers, and waterborne epoxies. Be sure to thoroughly read all application data on whatever vehicle you may be adding Altered FX to.  Altered FX is conveniently packaged in pigment packs designed to be added to various sizes of 100% solids epoxy.

AFX Color Options

Bahama Breeze, Breaking Dawn, Calypso Bay, Irish Mist, Mountain Meadow, Mystic Falls, Northern Lights, Razzle Dazzle, Western Skies

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