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A1200┃Air Scrubber


At 1,200 CFM, Model A1200 is constructed with a unique motor/impeller and a wider HEPA filter producing a thin, lightweight cabinet that simply outmaneuvers and outperforms other air scrubbers in the market today.

The A1200 operates at two super quiet speeds of 600 and 1200 CFM. A metal frame HEPA filter includes a steel mesh screen to protect filter media and allow cleaning of the media surface with vacuum and dust brush. Each HEPA filter installed in the A1000 air scrubber is individually tested and certified at 99.99% efficiency at .3 microns.

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Technical Data Sheet
SKU: 03236727206 Categories: , Brand: Pullman Ermator

The Ermator A1200 features a slim profile that won’t take up a lot of space on your truck or at your job site.

This air scrubber measures just 16” x 28” x 32” and weighs less than 90 lbs.

It rolls easily along on four casters (two of which lock for superior stability), making this unit very easy to maneuver.

Key Features:

  • Dual signal lamps: Orange light indicates clogged filer, red light indicates leakage in HEPA filter, alerts operator to change HEPA filter
  • Clogged or broken filter sound alarm: alerts operator to correct problem
  • Individually tested and certified hospital HEPA filter: 99.99% @ 0.3 microns
  • Usage hour meter
  • 10” Air exhaust
  • 2-Speed, .5HP motor: 600/1200 cfm
  • Disposable 24”x24”x1” Pleated polyester pre-filter: easy to slip in for operator
  • Locking casters: for superior transportation and stability
  • Double warning lights: Yellow for clogged filter, red for filter leaks. Placed on the back of scrubber for protection
  • Daisy chaining feature
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