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Metabo 7″ Concrete Grinder Kit┃(W24-230) Angle Grinder


The Metabo 7 inch concrete grinder is fitted with original Metabo accessories and is suitable for grinding, sanding, cutting, concrete, stone and similar materials without the use of water.

  • Metabo Long-life motor with patented dust protection for long service life
  • Metabo safety switch prevents unintentional start
  • Tool-free adjustable guard; twist-proof
  • Metabo VibraTech (MVT): integrated damping system and side handle to reduce vibration in order to protect the user.
  • Side handle can be mounted in three positions
  • Swiveling main handle: High safety and better handling when cutting
  • Auto-stop carbon brushes to protect the motor

Kit Includes:

  1. W24-230 Angle Grinder
  2. Hinged Convertible Dust Shroud
  3. Upgraded Loop Handle
  4. 12 Seg Cup Wheel, Non Threaded
  5. Short Arbor Nut Adapter
Grinder Width

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