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Ameripolish 3D HSL Densifier


Ameripolish 3D HSL Densifier


Ameripolish® 3D HSL (3 densifiers in one product) Hybrid Silicate Densifier is formulated with 3 different size molecule silicates to penetrate even the most difficult, tight floor cap. 3D HSL strengthens and densifies from within the concrete by providing strength at multiple levels of the slab. 3D HSL improves surface performance and resists the harmful effects of traffic wear and weathering by improving the abrasion resistance for new or aged concrete. 3D HSL is ideal for use for exposed and polished concrete, as well as integrally colored cements.

Features & Beneifits

  • Hardens deep within the slab to improve durability even after grinding.
  • Contains UV stabilizers to help protect color from fading.
  • Ideal for new construction, existing concrete and diamond pad burnishing-only specs.
  • Enhances polished color, gloss and clarity.
  • Provides superior stain resistance especially when combined with SR² sealer.


Ameripolish® 3D HSL can be used by itself or with Ameripolish® dyes and stain protectors.

  • Harden concrete surfaces
  • Prepares surface for high gloss diamond polishing
  • Locks in dyes for longer lasting color
  • Improves resistance to staining
  • Improves scratch resistance
  • Extends Ameripolish® SR2TM coverage rates

1 gal, 5 gal, 30 gal, 55 gal, 250 gal

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