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3-in-1 Prep™ | NewLook



Eco-Friendly Concrete Cleaner

3-in-1 Prep™ is an all-in-one, eco-friendly cleaner that will clean, degrease, and etch concrete. Reduce your prep time with this specially formulated all-in-one prep product.

Use 3-in-1 Prep™ to improve adhesion and durability of top coats, stains, and sealers.

It’s environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-hazardous and safely prepares most concrete surfaces.

Use instead of harsh acids to save time and reduce harm to the environment.

Key Features:
  • Exfoliating cleanser
  • Low VOC
  • Eco-Friendly & water-based
  • Etches, Cleanses & Degreases
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Reduces Prep Time

Coverage is approximately 200 sq. ft per gallon depending on concrete’s porosity.

Available in 1 and 5 gallon containers.

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